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Whether you’re a Brownlee brother taking home Olympic gold, or a triathlon newbie getting ready for your first sprint, having the right equipment and access to the right training information is essential to improving your performance. Tri-sport athletes at all levels turn to Wiggle for both. Wiggle are the world’s largest online retailer specialising in the tri-sport market (running, swimming and cycling) shipping purchases to over 70 countries.

When it came time to transform the way their team provided customer service, Wiggle realised they also needed access to the right technology and the right information. They sought a solution that would provide the vital technology to help staff to provide the high quality service that customers expect and they looked to Microsoft Office 365 for the answer.

At their desks in the morning, they log onto the Wiggle Workspace portal giving them instant access to the essential IT they need, saving valuable time in opening and logging in to numerous separate applications. The collaboration power of Wiggle Workspace has accelerated decision making with current, relevant shared documents and information immediately available to staff to make the right decision at the right time. Shared information is also eliminating the traditional interdepartmental barriers as each department can see each other’s information at the click of a button. Customers are also reaping the benefit of this new culture of shared information with queries being answered in under half the time that they were previously and over 60% of cases being resolved with the first response.

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