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Hymans Roberston is a leading UK pension consultancy, providing major corporations and insurance companies with an interactive platform to enable their clients to plan for their retirement. Commercially, they were conscious of controlling costs when it came to managing their hosting and wanted to find a solution, based on power requirements rather than a fixed term contract.

Implementing Microsoft Azure has allowed the company to scale their power requirements according to demand, as a result they have seen a reduction in their potential capital expenditure relating to on-premises data centres. This new technology is enabling Hymans Robertson to lead the way, enhancing their position as a sector leader in providing a premium service to clients. In the past, Hymans Robertson have also faced the challenge of communication with their consultants, many of whom travel extensively between the company’s own offices around the UK and their clients’ premises. Skype for Business is providing a platform to connect staff across the organization, wherever they are, either for a conference call or to disseminate information via the in-built shared screen and whiteboard facilities. In adopting Skype they’ve also taken the opportunity to migrate their PBX phone system resulting in the system being using across the entire company.

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