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Arco is a fourth generation family-owned business providing both products and services to the safety industry throughout the UK. With stores throughout the country, plus regional service centres, a reliable, modern communication system is vital to ensure that customers receive a premium service.

Implementing Skype for Business has introduced a reliable, user-friendly system that’s allowing the company to cope with fluctuating call volumes around the country, balancing the workload across the regions. This new technology is also providing key data for calls for management and, within a short space of time, they have already seen a marked improvement in call response statistics. Connecting the ‘back office’ functions to the customer service team has been welcomed by front line staff who are now able to ask questions directly to colleagues via Instant Message, relaying that information to customers immediately for a quick resolution to their queries. Senior management have also felt the benefits, their weekly meetings are now able to take place virtually via Skype saving them both the time and expense of travelling to Head Office. Another welcome by-product has been the reduction in emails within the company, staff are relying on instant messages and this is leading to faster, more productive working.

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